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 Toddlers - The best classic outside kids' toys 


Fig: Water Wheel Play Table, Kid's Age: 1 to 4 Years


I love summer really, really love it. I’m fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom and I love spending lazy days with my kids outdoors.  I also love being able to send my kids outdoors while I get some work done.  So, I’m really excited that it's time for me to get out all of my outside toys cleaned off and back out in the yard.

So, in the honor of celebrating the end of winter, I’ve decided to start a series of posts on the best outside toys for a variety of age groups. Today were talking about our very favorites for toddlers.


Waterwheel Play Table

One of my favorite toys is the Waterwheel Play Table by Step 2. Famous for making high-quality and fun toys, this water table is perfect for little guys.  I love that it's reasonably priced at under $30. One important note is that this particular water table is probably best for really little kids between the ages of 1 and 4.

It's short enough that little ones can stand next to it and reach in easily and sturdy enough that even toddlers that are just learning to walk can hold on for balance.  It comes with a few small toys, but the best thing about this table is the water wheel that kids can pour water in and watch it come out the bottom. Little ones will also enjoy the boats that are part of this water table.

This one takes top ranking for little kids because most of them love playing in the water and this is the best and most economical model on the market for little guys (and girls). Note, if you’re looking for a water table for bigger kids, check out our review on this sand and water table that’s better for older kids. Fisher Price Rock N Ride Trike Approx. Price: $39.99Age: 18 Months to 5 Years


Fig: Fisher-Price Rock , Kid's age: 6-12 years

Fisher-Price Rock

 Another outside toy that was really fond of is the Fisher-Price Rock, Roll N Ride Trike.  Little kids love ride-on toys and I love anything that keeps my kids busy.

Now there's hundreds of these on the market, and in all honesty, there are some that are more attractive than this one.  However, there are a number of good reasons why this particular one has made it on my list of best outside toys for toddlers.

First, note the handle on the back. If you’ve been through the toddler phase before, you know that when you first put them on a ride-on toy, you’ve got to push them.  After nearly throwing my back out one summer with my oldest, I realized that I really needed to find one with a handle.

This one has a handle which gives it automatic points in my category.  Even cooler, the handle doubles as a rocker when put under the toy.  Since I’m always watching my budget I love any toy that can double as something else.  The only thing that I don’t like about this ride-on is that there's no place for kids to put their feet when being pushed.

I've always thought it was a major design flaw in about 99% of these kinds of toys is there is no place for them to put their feet when you push them, which always seems to result in their feet either dragging on the ground or getting all tangled up in the pedals.  Other than that, this thing is great definitely worthy of being on the best outside toys list. Fisher Price Little Tikes Spiral Bouncer approx. Approx. Price: $16.00 Age: 2 Years and Up


Little Tikes Super Spiral Bouncer

 For more outdoor water fun (because, really, what’s summer without lots and lots of water?), I'm adding the Little Tikes Super Spiral Bouncer. We love sprinkler type toys at my house, but my kids have a tendency to break them, sometimes within hours of getting one. I love this one because it's durable and fun. It’s marketed for children ages 3 and up, but this toy is great for kids as young as 2.

Heck, if you have an 18-month-old, I can about guarantee they’ll be running around in the water with the older kids. It comes with 3 balls that the water pushes up into the air I think our balls are lost, but the sprinkler itself is the main attraction.

A little green tip for you put the sprinkler in a lawn area that needs water and move it each time you use it. That way the water you are using will do double duty. Castle Inflatable Bounce House w/ Slide,  approx.  Price: $12.99Age: 6 12 months


Castle Bounce House

 I should have put this one closer to the top because I love it so much.  I actually went on a diet so that I could bounce in it with my kids really I did.

There are lots and lots of bounce houses, but the Castle Bounce House is my favorite of them all.  It's a little pricey at about $200, but it will last for years and if your kids are anything like me, they’ll spend hours in it.

It holds up to 200 pounds, so you can have a few little kids or you can get in with a kid or two. This particular bounce house isn’t marketed towards little kids, and there are cheaper ones available, that are made especially for toddlers.

However, I'm of the opinion that it's better to spend more up front and have an outside toy that they can play with for years. And, I'll admit, I wanted to play in it too. Gazillion Bubble Machine approx. Price: $24.99 Age: 3 to 5 Years



 Gazillion Bubble Machine

 Well stop boring you and make this our last choice for this post at least.  Again, this wasn’t made specifically for toddlers, BUT little kids love to watch and chase bubbles.  So, the Gazillion Bubble Machine is rounding out the top list of my favorite outside toys for toddlers. Obviously, unless you want your toddler blowing bubbles because they drank the entire bottle, you’ll have to supervise closely and run the machine for them, but this $25 toy will keep them entertained for as long as you’ll sit outside and run the machine. Seriously, hours and hours of outdoor fun!    


Final words:

 Here you got the list of toddlers for kids' fun. if you want to make the kids' leisure time more enjoyable you may check out some electronic toys like RC helicopter, Rc motor vehicles like car, truck, bike etc. Water toys like RC boat may enhance fun level. Some parents anxious whether kid's mind growth continuing or not, you may check out the manual items first one after another such as toddlers, Rubik's cube after than RC toys. Wish you best of luck. 


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In this exciting Happy Meal, kids were invited to take part in the crazy cook-off with Tom and Jerry. Let the crazy cook-off begin! Including Tom and Jerry Coloring and Activity Book. If you would like to know which Tom and Jerry's merchandise was released as a Happy Meal Toy in the UK, check out our Tom and Jerry Happy Meal Collection?

Fur by Boom Furies was available for collection in UK McDonald's stores between Wednesday the 20th of November and Tuesday the 24th of December 2013. Although two of the original Furies were withdrawn at the start of the campaign due to a supplier issue, there were still eight Furies available in the UK. If you would like to know which Furies were be released as a Happy Meal Toy in the UK, check out our Fur by Boom Archive.

Crayola Create Wacky Creatures Crayola Create Wacky Creatures were available for collection in UK McDonald's stores between Wednesday the 16th of October and Tuesday the 19th of November 2013. In total there were eight fun creative toys released in the UK; Pencil Pot, Sticker Dispenser, Water Painting, Buildable Character, Pattern Creator, Comic Creator, Pencil Wobbler and Stencil Splats. If you would like to know which Crayola Wacky Creatures were released as a Happy Meal Toy in the UK, check out our Crayola Wacky Creatures Archive?

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These included Vanity, Brainy, Party Planner, Smurfit, Papa, Clumsy, Vexy, Hefty, Hacks, Harmony, Lazy, Handy, Grumpy and Narrator. If you would like to know which Smurfs were released as a Happy Meal Toy in the UK, check out our Happy Meal Smurfs 2 Archive? Despicable Me 2The Minions were available for collection in UK McDonald's stores between Wednesday the 19th of June and Tuesday the 23rd of July 2013. In total there were ten Minions to collect. These included; Tim, Phil, Tom, Dave, Stuart, and Jerry. There were also two Evil Purple Minions to collect; Chomped & Noise Maker.

If you would like to know which Minions were released as a Happy Meal Toy in the UK, check out our Happy Meal Despicable Me 2 Minions Archive? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Follow Happy Meal Toys UK Current Campaign: The Lego Movie Between Wednesday the 5th of February and Tuesday the 18th of March 2014 your Happy Meal will contain » The Lego Movie Coming Soon: Super Mario Super Mario: Coming Soon.